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Social, Events, BPM... oh my! But what about Knowledge and Context?

by Phillip Rhodes

Posted on Tuesday May 28, 2013 at 03:55PM in Technology

There is a very good article at ZDNet which speaks to the importance of the "trinity" of event driven architectures, social software and BPM. And while the basic point is sound (all of those technologies certainly are more valuable when integrated and used together) this article leaves out an important element: Knowledge.

Integrating Social software with BPM and an Event based architecture is, of course, part of what we are giving you the power to do with Quoddy, our open source Enterprise Social Network product. But we believe you need to go beyond providing a social front-end for subscribing to, sharing, discussing and acting on business events and tasks... you need to provide the context and knowledge that exists within the firm, and outside the walls of the firm, that support decision making. And that's what we are developing with Quoddy and the rest of our Fogcutter Suite of products. All of the pieces aren't quite finished yet, but we are evolving a system which will allow you to subscribe to, for example, business events from your ESB/SOA infrastructure, render relevant events into your event stream, and then find the users, documents, applications, databases and other knowledge sources, within your firm, or on the 'net, which are relevant to learning about and acting on that event.

We posit that it is this combination of events, tasks, users and knowledge / context, which will fully unleash the vision of the Digital Nervous System. When all of the people in your organization have finger-tip access to the events which are occurring - in real time, or near real time - within your organization, and convenient access to the related contextual knowledge surrounding those events, then you have the foundation for serious enterprise agility and responsiveness.

To this end, we are working on new features across our product line, which allow semantic concept extraction and automatic linking and referencing of entities with defined semantics from within your enterprise content, and then supports semantic queries against, and reasoning and inference over, that knowledge. Follow this blog, or follow our twitter feed for all the latest news and announcements as we continue down this amazingly exciting path. We can't quite give you the Star Trek Computer yet, but with Semantic Web tech applied in the enterprise, and combined with BPM, Business Events and Social Software, we will be giving you the most powerful tools yet for managing knowledge and information within your enterprise.

For more information on how you can begin to integrate Social, Events, BPM and the Semantic Web in your organization, contact us today.

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