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Prolog? I'm Going To Learn Prolog??

by Phillip Rhodes

Posted on Friday May 03, 2013 at 12:34AM in Technology

Note: If you think you've seen this post before, you're probably right. This was originally written and posted on the OLD "OpenQabal" weblog. For those who don't remember, OpenQabal was Phil's personal project centered on Open Source Social Networking back in the mid 2000's. Not much ever came of it, but some of the ideas live on in Quoddy and other parts of the Fogcutter suite. It's time to delete that old weblog, but this one post seemed worth preserving and moving here. Most of these links are probably still good, but some might be dead.

Sometime ago I blogged about the availability of some great resources for learning Prolog. At the time, the available materials I'd found were:

Now, thanks to, I've found a couple of additional references on Prolog, which are also freely available online.

Simply Logical: Intelligent Reasoning by Example
Logic, Programming and Prolog
Prolog Programming: A First Course

Edit (05-08-2013): A helpful Hacker News commentator has pointed out another good title for inclusion in this post:

Luckily there are also a number of high quality implementations of Prolog available, including GNU Prolog, SWI Prolog and Ciao Prolog.

Now to find some time to dig in...

Edit (03-30-2009): Apropos, this link just appeared at the top of Good stuff.

Edit (05-04-2013): For anybody who doesn't get the reference in the title of this post:

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