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Enterprise Social Network

Fogcutter Suite Overview

The Fogcutter Enterprise 2.0 suite is currently made up of four components which provide the foundation of our Digital Nervous System vision. These components enable more efficient knowledge creation, exchange, creation and discovery, and provide capabilities to enable your firm to take advantage of the collective wisdom, tacit knowledge, and knowledge stock which exists within the walls of your organization.

Quoddy Enterprise – Our Open Source Enterprise Social Network, Quoddy provides the social fabric which underpins the Fogcutter suite. Quoddy allows users to define relationships, tag those relationships with semantic assertions, and powers the enhanced Semantic Social Search capabilities of Heceta. Quoddy provides users the capability to exchange status updates, calendar events, and documents, and collaboratively edit, discuss, tag, and markup those events. Coupled with Hatteras, our Business Event Subscription engine, Quoddy can allow employees to subscribe directly to relevant business events from your SOA backbone, and then to locate context (other events, other people, documents, applications) relevant to these events. Quoddy provides powerful tools to transform information into knowledge, and to enhance collaboration, knowledge transfer and employee engagement.

Neddick – Our Open Source Information Discovery Platform, Neddick provides tools for managing streams of content, voting, tagging and filtering content, creating real-time alerts, creating personalized information feeds, routing content to other users, and navigating related content.

Heceta – Our Open Source Enterprise Search engine, Heceta leverages social graph information from Quoddy, metadata from Neddick, and powerful Semantic Web, Machine Learning and Information Retrieval technologies to provide the optimum Enterprise Search experience. Using Semantic Social Search, intranet search can now deliver high quality, topical, timely search results. A powerful query language allows power users to filter and select precisely what they are looking for in seconds, while our visual navigation tools support browsing and exploration. Faceted search, concept extraction and content based recommendations help users discover the context needed for rich understanding.

Hatteras – Our Open Source Business Events Subscription engine, Hatteras integrates with your SOA backbone via an Enterprise Service Bus and selects events which are of interest to your employees, and routes these events to Quoddy, where they are rendered into the Unified Message Stream. With this powerful subscription engine technology, your users always have the real-time information they need, right where they need it.

All of the products in the Fogcutter suite integrate with each other, and with your existing information systems using open standards, for the maximum flexibility to craft the exact solution you need.

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